The ‘What Works in OPSEC’ Series

The “What Works in OPSEC” campaign was launched by OSPA in order to give experienced OPSEC professionals the opportunity to share their experiences and the benefit of their training.


Each respondant participated in a brief survey, which asked questions about their awareness capaigns, training and methodology, as well as giving them the chance to share their opinions and thoughts on OPSEC in general. For confidentiality and security reasons, participants were allowed to use a pseudonym, if desired, or to use a nickname if they preferred to not use their full name.


Note that many questions, such as the ones about OPSEC training or courses were presented as a checkbox-list, which is why many answers are identical. However, each of these questions included a field for writing in additional answers.


If you would like to take part in this program, or have comments or questions, email to


Ian Paul Titmuss
“NightTrain Layne”
Rich Roth
Jennifer Jernander
Thomas R
SPC CJ Wittsell
Scott B. Milliman
Kirk Dunaway
Paul Roberts
Sergeant Brown
Jaquet “JackO” Lewis
Jim Magdalenski
Kieth W. Harra jr