Who we are

Our Mission: To foster the development of Operations security; to enable collaboration and advancement of the tradecraft of OPSEC, while simultaneously advancing the profession within the government, private and public sectors. OSPA also promotes adoption of the process in other areas not traditionally covered by existing OPSEC programs. Education, sharing of best practices, and providing subject matter assistance are the pillars of OSPA.

The Operations Security Professional’s Association (OSPA) is a tax exempt, Non-profit organization dedicated to improving awareness of Operations Security in both the public and the private sector. We believe that OPSEC is a tool that can benefit everyone, from neighborhood watch programs to military missions.

We provide free resources, tools, education, and collaboration for a wide variety of applications. Our website serves as a repository for information that anyone can adapt and use.

OSPA members work together towards creating and sharing information on a wide range of subjects, such as information security, OPSEC briefings, Security Briefings, OPSEC program management and more.

OSPA takes its commitment to members very seriously, and stands firm to a commitment of service, transparency and ethical behavior.

In order to meet this commitment, OSPA will always strive to keep members informed of all internal workings, and will always be available for direct contact.

The official OSPA Constitution and Bylaws (pdf): OSPA Constitution and Bylaws

About the OSPA logo

The OSPA logo is a purple dragon protectively clutching the earth. The purple dragon has a special significance in the OPSEC community, as it was the mascot of the original team that developed the process. In mythology, the dragon is known for protecting treasure; it’s often depicted guarding gold or other riches. With OPSEC, the dragon is protecting those things that are important to us. The OSPA logo depicts the “purple dragon” of OPSEC protecting the world.


Ethics are of the highest concern for both OSPA and the OPSEC Community, as a whole. In keeping with this high ethical standard, OSPA observes the following code of ethics:

  1. Perform all professional activities and responsibilities with due diligence and honesty.
  2. Maintain the highest ethical standards in professional and personal conduct.
  3. Employ the OPSEC Process to protect critical and sensitive information.
  4. Promote the concepts of Operations Security within Government and Private Industry.
  5. Maintain professional competence at all times and continually seek out opportunities for self development and collaboration with other OPSEC professionals.
  6. Provide mentorship to other OPSEC professionals.
  7. Refrain from any activity or act which might imply a conflict of interest with professional duties or which would damage the reputations of other professionals, employers, the OPSEC profession and the OSPA.
  8. Adhere to the bylaws of OSPA, use OSPA and OPSEC Academy materials as intended, and respect fellow professionals