OPSEC Training Needs Assessment

OPSEC Training Needs Assessment Questionnaire

Thank you for participating in this Training Needs Assessment (TNA). This TNA will assist in identifying training gaps and determining future resource allocation, while also helping to refine future training and awareness strategies.

To complete this TNA, please select the audience category below that best matches your job category.

The three options are:

  1. OPSEC Personnel: Individuals specifically assigned to an OPSEC role.
  2. Employees: Individuals that are not formally assigned to an OPSEC role and are not in a senior leadership position, but are still responsible for protecting information. This includes military personnel not in an OPSEC or senior leader role.
  3. Senior Leaders: Commanders, senior managers, executives and those in similar roles.

For this survey, “OPSEC” refers to the process outlined in NSDD298. Please note that responses are aggregated, but your specific answers will not be paired with your name in the final report. This TNA will not be publicly released.