Stay safe online

There’s a certain risk when using your phone or computer to search for resources or to communicate with your support system. But there’s a few steps you can take to stay safe.

  • Whenever you’re searching for information that you don’t want anyone to see, make sure to use private browsing mode. All major browsers have one.
  • Clear only specific pages from your browser history- don’t clear the entire history for the day. Here’s how.
  • Be aware that your phone can be used to track you. Both android and iOS phones have apps or built in tools to find lost phones, and tracking apps are easy to find. Make sure to turn off your phone’s GPS whenever you don’t want your location to be found. Better yet, turn it off and remove the battery. Better still, get a new phone and new number as soon as you leave.
  • Before using a computer- especially a public one- look for anything plugged into the back of the computer between the keyboard and the port. If there’s anything there, it might be a keystroke logger. Use a different computer.

Operation: Safe Escape can send you a tool that allows you to search the web and communicate with others securely and without leaving a trace. It’s a simple thumb drive that you plug into your computer; when you reboot, you’re in an entirely new operating system that doesn’t keep track of anything you do. See how it works here.

We’ll send a free copy with to a safe address of your choosing. Just let us know where to send it:

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