“WhatWorks in OPSEC” profile: Serjeant Brown

Name: Serjeant Brown
Industry: Military
Practices OPSEC in: USA and US forces in Kuwait
Works With: Military- Active Duty/Guard/Reserve


Have you ever attended a formal OPSEC course of instruction?
No, plan to


How often do you review in-place countermeasures for effectiveness?
That’s part of my daily checklist. I don’t do all of them daily, but I try to rotate them randomly.


Do you have other duties besides OPSEC and what percentage of time is devoted to OPSEC?
military patrols, guard duty, etc. It really gives me a vested interest in protecting military secrets when I’m going out on patrols, too.


How often to you perform Open Source reviews against your site/location/mission/organization?
Randomly, I don’t really do this on schedule unless it’s for an OPSEC assessment. I know that I should start scheduling this, though.


Do you feel that having a well established network of OPSEC contacts is important? Why or why not?
It’s one of the most important things to an OPSEC officer. You should be posting to forums and meeting people in person whenever possible.


What is the toughest part of implementing OPSEC at your job station? How have you overcome these challenges?
It’s hard sometimes to balance security and mission readiness. It seems like many people view security measures as getting “in the way”, especially when it stops them from doing things that they may want to do, such as talking freely on the phone. The important thing is to let them know the “why” of OSPEC measures BEFORE implimenting them.


How did you become interested in OPSEC?
I was tasked as unit OPSEC Officer


Do you feedback your survey results to the general populace through OPSEC awareness? (demonstrate and educate)
No, but I plan to.


What has worked for you when attempting to gain leadership support for the OPSEC program?
The program itself was mandated by army policy. As far as individual OPSEC measures, I just justify them on a case by case basis and tell my chain of command how they’ll support OPSEC policies.


How do you promote an OPSEC/Security “Culture” at your site?
I make sure OPSEC is integrated into planning and pre-mission briefs in order to keep it at the front of everyone’s mind


From where do you get OPSEC awareness material?
Military Branch OPSEC Support Element


What has worked for you for giving OPSEC training?
I personally give live OPSEC briefings quarterly. I’ve found that live training is very effective, and gives people a chance to ask questions that the couldn’t ask during CBT.


Do you have any other advice for your OPSEC peers?
Reach out to not only other OPSEC professionals, but other security professionals as well. The different security types can and should work together.


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