Free OPSEC Resources

The following OPSEC resources are free for personal or professional (non-commercial) use, and may be edited or published in any OPSEC awareness campaign.

Additional OPSEC resources are available in the member's section

OPSEC Videos

OPSEC Hunter video

A Part of the Team: How Families and Friends Protect Their Service-Member

Cyberterrorism from Chris Rock

Padlock image suitable for transitions or illustrations

R. Lee Ermey on OPSEC

Plan your operations Or this can happen!

OSAN OPSEC Speech by Layne Marino


Unclassified Wallpaper

Purple Dragon Wallpaper

OPSEC Screensavers

Official OPSA Screensaver

Official OPSA Screensaver, version 2

OPSEC Texts and Forms

OPSEC Rules for Blogs, forums and chat (free to use and modify)

Website OPSEC checklist

OPSEC General Order Example

Risk Analysis Chart from IOSS

2010 State of OPSEC Survey
Covering the 2009 Calendar Year

2011 State of OPSEC Survey
Covering the 2010 Calendar Year

OPSEC at Home Trifold