OPSEC Posters

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The following OPSEC awareness posters are free for personal or professional (non-commercial) use, and may be edited or published in any OPSEC awareness campaign. Although not required, credit to OSPA is appreciated.

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Spanish Posters

million razones...

million razones

¿Hay alguien siguiéndolas?

¿Hay alguien siguiéndolas?

Historical OPSEC Posters (18 WWII style OPSEC Awareness Posters)

The OPSEC "motivator" series

Unsecured Dumpsters

There is no "I" in "Team"


NSA Security Poster Collection

If you can figure it out

Information Alley

Information Spill

It's all about the information

Dogs of OPSEC Collection 9

Dogs of OPSEC Collection 5


Okay, we'll start using OSPEC

Who will feed your pets?

Don't give away what they fight so hard to keep