OSPA Statement on: Counter-Terrorism

OSPA’s Position:

The definition of the word “terrorism” may very from one resource or dictionary to the next, and it’s certainly an emotionally charged issue. OSPA believes terrorism to be:

“The systematic use of violence, or the exploitation of the fear of violence, against members of another group or affiliation while not engaged in direct symetric combat, as a means of coercion.”

OSPA is dedicated to the opposition of terrorism, both foreign and domestic, in a philosphical and real sense, and believes that OPSEC is an effective tool in denying potential and demonstrated terrorist groups the critical information that they desire.


OSPA’s Proposed Plan:

OSPA has begun work with several Government and Private entities that engage in Counter-Terrorism efforts, and have been supplying OPSEC presentations and information relevant to their particular mission and/or threat.

OSPA will continue to develop material designed to assist the men and women that combat terrorism in all its forms, and stand by to assist ay agency in which Counter-Terrorism is a stated goal.

If your agency engages in Counter-Terrorism efforts, please feel free to Contact OSPA