OSPA Board of Directors

The OSPA Board of Directors (BOD) serves the membership by representing their interests within the OPSEC community, and designing an organization that meets their needs. The BOD is made up entirely of volunteers who have a passion for both OPSEC as a whole, and the Association specifically.


OSPA President, Joe Ruffini – Email OSPA President.719.930.4776

OPSA Executive Vice-President, Tammy Thompson

Executive Advisor to the President & Board of Directors, William Johnston

OPSA Vice President for OPSEC Reachback and Field Support, Wayne Morris

OPSEC Academy Dean, David Essex

OPSA Secretary & Membership Chairperson, Samantha Smith

OPSA Treasurer, Judith Myerson

OSPA Senior Advisor to the President, Chris Cox

OPSA Special Advisor to the President, Scott Milliman


Ian Titmuss – International Relations Chair – ian.titmuss@opsecprofessionals.org

Samantha Zeisler – Membership Chair – samantha.zeisler@opsecprofessionals.org 

Jessica Lang – Domestic Violence Ambassador Program Coordinator

Social Media Manager – Samantha Dambach

OSPA Webmaster – OSPA Staff – webmaster@opsecprofessionals.org

Routine OPSEC email inquiries should be sent to info@opsecprofessionals.org


OSPA Advisory Council

William Johnston
Rick Henson
Mark “Skip” Raimer
Bob Rusnak
Lynne Clark

OSPA member OPSEC Blogs:

Layne Marino: “That’s Not OPSEC”
Joe Ruffini: “OSPA President Blog”