Operation: Safe Escape

As a Domestic Violence Ambassador, a volunteer position under Operation: Safe Escape (an initiative of the 501c3 organization OSPA), I understand that I may receive confidential information from the shelters and other domestic violence groups within my area of responsibility. This confidential information may include locations and personally identifiable information. It may also include conversations about personal matters.

I understand that confidential information will never be discussed with any party not specifically authorized by the originator of said information. I agree to follow this policy at all times.  Further, I understand that any breach of this agreement may result in my immediate termination of my status with the program.

It is ultimately the responsibility of the shelters and other groups to ensure that their information is adequately protected. This confidentiality agreement will not supersede nor alter any additional requirements placed upon me by the originators of sensitive information.

When in doubt, DO NOT GIVE OUT INFORMATION. Refer the requester to the program coordinator

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