“WhatWorks in OPSEC” profile: Kirk Dunaway

Name: Kirk Dunaway
Industry: Unspecified
Practices OPSEC in: USA
Works With: Civilian Company


Have you ever attended a formal OPSEC course of instruction?
Yes, more than one


Who conducted this training?


Do you feel that having a well established network of OPSEC contacts is important? Why or why not?
Bery important! I feel the key to OPSEC awareness for most folks is the new, the changed message, and networking allows sharing of media.


What is the toughest part of implementing OPSEC at your job station? How have you overcome these challenges?
Getting the boss to fully understand and support OPSEC. Google him and his family, showing how easy a terrorist might target him.


What has worked for you when attempting to gain leadership support for the OPSEC program?
See previous. Also, sharing “sanitized” critical information collected on unit.


What type of mass OPSEC awareness has worked for you?
Grab 5 minutes at a commander’s call if you have something interesting to share (don’t just droll out the same old speech.


From where do you get OPSEC awareness material?


Have you personally written a Critical Information List? How did you distribute the information to concerned parties/groups?
yes. get the commander to sign off, then brief in mass and place on every desk.


What has worked for you for giving OPSEC training?
Keep things high paced, add distractions (cool videos, etc). Throw in a contest or two for OPSEC trinkets helps.


Do you have any tips for conducting Open Source (OSINT) Reviews?
Deep Web works.


Do you have any advice for new OPSEC professionals?
Meet as many old crusty OPSEC guys as possible, and make suggestions! New ideas are key to OPSEC success. Go to the annual conventions!


Do you have any thoughts on OPSEC in non-government, non-military settings?
OPSEC works the same for all situations, from family safety to corporate espionage to military supremacy.


Do you have any other advice for your OPSEC peers?
Seek assistance! Reach out! Don’t be an OPSEC island!


Do you have any amusing/exciting/interesting OPSEC anecdotes or examples to share?
After Layne Marino throws down with the Revelator, folks come up to him asking if he would consider preaching at their church.


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