“WhatWorks in OPSEC” profile: Jim Magdalenski

Name: Jim Magdalenski
Industry: US Navy
Practices OPSEC in: USA
Works With: Military- Active Duty/Guard/Reserve, DOD Contractor and Civilans, Federal Government


Have you ever attended a formal OPSEC course of instruction?
Yes, more than one by IOSS, JIOWC/JOSC, US Navy and US Army


How often do you review in-place countermeasures for effectiveness?
At least monthly


Do you have other duties besides OPSEC and what percentage of time is devoted to OPSEC?
Yes 10 percent


How often to you perform Open Source reviews against your site/location/mission/organization?


Do you feel that having a well established network of OPSEC contacts is important? Why or why not?
Yes – share best practices and ideas


What is the toughest part of implementing OPSEC at your job station? How have you overcome these challenges?
Requirements, requirements, requirements


How did you become interested in OPSEC?
Was hired as a contractor……been involved ever since. I didn’t look for OPSEC, it found me.


Do you feedback your survey results to the general populace through OPSEC awareness? (demonstrate and educate)
Yes. Often use survey/assessment results as examples, both good and bad, but never reveal the organization being used as the example.


What has worked for you when attempting to gain leadership support for the OPSEC program?
Demonstrate examples of poor OPSEC at their orgainzation.


How do you promote an OPSEC/Security “Culture” at your site?
Absolutely. As an OSE lead, have to.


What type of mass OPSEC awareness has worked for you?
CBT, Posters, brochures, reminder cards, area briefs and forums


From where do you receive your OPSEC awareness material?
Interagency OPSEC Support Staff (IOSS), JIOWC/JOSC, Military branch OPSEC Support Element


Have you personally written a Critical Information List? How did you distribute the information to concerned parties/groups?
Yes, posted at our organizations and other ships assessed


What method for creating Critical Information Lists works best for you?
EEFI to CI. Collaboration with WG.


What has worked for you for giving OPSEC training?
Good PP briefs and videos to drive home the point


Do you have any tips for conducting Open Source (OSINT) Reviews?
Not my specailty…..need to learn more on how to better conduct OSINT. Essentially, I task others to conduct OSINT on an organization.


Do you have any advice for new OPSEC professionals?
Yes. Don’t just practice OPSEC when you’re assigned the position. Continue to practice and promote OPSEC….regardless of job position/title.


Do you have any thoughts on OPSEC in non-government, non-military settings?
Not really…other than OPSEC is just as critical to non-government/military organizations as it is in the civilian sector.


Do you have any other advice for your OPSEC peers?
Keep the press on!!


Do you have any amusing/exciting/interesting OPSEC anecdotes or examples to share?
I’m not that creative! Good videos and humor is the best medicine while briefing.


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