OSPA Statement on: International OPSEC

OSPA’s Position:

The reality is that the world is shrinking. And the increase in International Coalition Military actions and International political cooperation has increased the need for an International awareness of OSPEC.

As OSPA is registered within the United States, there are certain concerns regarding the sharing of information across any National boundaries in any direction.

OSPA maintains a strict position that US members will not share any information that is not cleared for public or foreign release, and OSPA monitors all sanctioned information exchange (including OSPA forum and mailing list) to ensure that sensitive data is not released. Furthermore, OSPA expects international members to exercise the same discretion according to the legal requirements of their Country of origin. Although most OPSEC information is public information, OSPA will not share information or provide training with agents of forces demonstratably hostile to “friendly” Nations.


OSPA’s Proposed Plan:

OSPA fully supports the work of certain international groups, such as the UN and NATO, and has provided, and will continue to provide, OPSEC information to these groups in order to increase their effectiveness and security posture.

For more information on International OPSEC efforts, please feel free to Contact OSPA