"(U)pon Secrecy, Success depends in Most Enterprises and for want of it, they are generally defeated." -George Washington, on OPSEC

Top ten reasons why it’s cool to be an OPSEC officer

10. You make your boss reach for the dictionary every time you say, “we have to protect our CSIL items from HUMINT!”

9. Let’s face it, chicks and dudes dig OPSEC

8. (Redacted due to matters of national security)

7. You can spend all day playing Doom on your computer, and no one ever knows (something goes wrong, that is!)

6. If something does get released, you can always blame open source intelligence

5. If you’re caught surfing the net at work, you can say that you were just conducting OSINT

4. Sometimes, you find neat stuff in those dumpsters

3. Two words: OPSEC Dance

2. Job security- you’ll never run out of adversaries!

1. You get to use the phrase: “Sorry, that’s need-to-know… and you don’t”!

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