How you can help

5 Ways you can make a difference.

We’ve never turned anyone away who needed our help, and we never will.

But in order to continue providing safety and security resources to victims of domestic violence, shelters, and advocacy groups, we rely on the generosity of people like you.

Please consider supporting this important project. There’s several ways you help someone escape the very dangerous situation they’re in right now.

1. Donate

We will never charge anyone for anything we offer. Never. So everything we do, from funding security upgrades, to shipping out pre-loaded thumb drives for victims of domestic violence to use to seek help securely, to printing and distributing awareness material, we rely on donations to make that happen.

We’re all volunteers- none of us take a salary for what we do. Every dollar that you donate goes towards critical program functions. Please help us, help them.

We are a 501c3 charity. Your donation is tax-deductible.

2. Help Us Create Thumb Drives

Clear the browser history. Flush the DNS cache. Check for any inadvertent downloads. Ensure all files were deleted properly…

There are a lot of things that someone needs to consider when all they have available is a shared computer, or one that may be monitored. Any small mistake could spell disaster to someone trying to communicate with their support system and seek help without the abusive partner knowing about it.

That’s why we have created a custom Tails  drive, which allows the user to safely and security communicate and search for local resources. They can comfortably browse the internet, chat, and even store files without ever leaving a trace on the thumb drive or on the computer itself. And if there’s an emergency, they can simply pull out the drive and the screen turns black, and every trace of what they were doing is automatically erased.

We provide these drives to individuals and shelters, of course at no cost to either one. But we do need drives to make this happen- preferably branded promotional drives that could be explained away. Every drive we get is loaded, configured and sent out to someone that needs it. If you can help provide any amount, please send them to:

1467 Braden Loop
Glen Burnie, MD 21061

3. And help Us Mail Them

Each drive costs about $3 to package and mail, and of course we don’t request shipping costs from the user. Although the shipping cost is relatively low, it does add up!

You can help get those drives into the hands of those that need them by donating stamps, shipping supplies, or anything else that would help them reach their destinations.

4. Take Part in the “Ask Rose” Campaign (Coming Soon)

We’ve created a landing page designed to give a victim of domestic violence the critical safety and security information that they need in each phase of their escape. It’s broken down by specific task to make sure that they can focus only on what they need to know at that time, rather than getting overwhelmed by too much information.

The goal of the Ask Rose campaign is to leave small cards, stickers, and other awareness items  in places where they could be seen by someone that needs it. Little notes with a few safety tips, an encouraging message, and most importantly the simple to remember URL (along with instructions on how to access the site safely).

And if they forget, the URL will stand out as little as possible until they can follow the instructions on the page to clear it from their history. And once they’re there, they’ll be able to look for other resources, request a free copy of the Tails drive and more.

Watch this space- more information coming soon!

5. Anything Else (Or, we all have talents!)

Is there anything else that you can do to help? Maybe you can write, or design. Maybe you have skills in web design or marketing. Whatever you bring to the table, there’s a way it can help people that need it the most.

Please feel free to contact us at to talk about how we can work together!