OPSEC Fun Quiz


How much do you know about OPSEC?

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1. The first "step" in the OPSEC process is:

    Assessment of the risks
    Application of the countermeasures
    Identification of the critical information
    To Stop doing stupid things

2. OPSEC, as a methodology, originated in _____________.

    the Korean War
    the Vietnam Conflict
    World War II
    the War of the Roses

3. "OPSEC" means:

    Operations Security
    Optional Security
    Operational Security
    Overall-posture security

4. The _________ team was ordered into existence by __________.

    Purple Dragon, Admiral Ulysses Sharp
    Crouching Tiger, Captain K. Engroo
    Spartan II, Sergeant Major Avery Johnson
    Purple Dragon, President Regan

5. Which of the following is an ILLEGAL method used by adversaries to gain info?

    Dumpster Diving
    Public Eavesdropping
    Asking Nicely
    None of the above