OSPA Statement on: Corporate OPSEC

OSPA’s Position:

Corporations (including, for the sake of brevity, businesses of all size) form the core of most economies. In addition to this, the livelihoods of countless individuals are undeniably tied to the security and competitive edge of their employer.

OSPA believes that, as a valuable component of the National infrastructure, Corporations of all sizes deserve the same resources enjoyed by Federal and Military entities. The threat, however, is most often very different. While terrorism is certainly a concern, most Corporations are more concerned with countering industrial espionage and insider threats.

OSPA’s Proposed Plan:

OSPA strives to provide OPSEC information that meets one of two criteria. Specifically:

Information that is target to a specific group or situation. For instance, an OPSEC presentation that provides an overview of OPSEC for new hires, which was created at the request of a corporate entity.

General information that covers an OPSEC topic, such as this OPSEC Overview.

Therefore, information generated or provided by OSPA is designed to meet multiple organizational needs, ranging from Military to Corporate to Home-based. As requirements are identified, OSPA will continue to provide targeted information relevant to Corporations.

If your Corporation or Business requires OPSEC resources, please feel free to Contact OSPA