Support the 2018 Domestic Violence Safety and Security Conference

Support the 2018 Domestic Violence Safety and Security Conference

We’re Operation Safe Escape, and we need your help to hold the first ever security conference specifically for domestic violence shelter and safe house employees. 

In October, 2018, we’ll provide free security and safety training to shelter and safe house personnel, both live and all over the country via session recordings. These important sessions will give them the skills they need to address new and emerging threats and protect themselves, their staff, and the survivors of domestic violence that come to them for help.

Since we do this at no cost, we rely on your donations to make this happen. 100% of your tax-deductible donation will go towards this event.

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    Operation: Safe Escape is the anti-domestic violence mission of The Operations Security Professional’s Association, a 501c3 registered organization. Originally an extension of our partnership with law enforcement, Operation: Safe Escape became a formal program in 2016. 

    This program is unique in that it focuses solely on the safety of victims of domestic violence from the moment they decide to leave up until they reach a permanent, safe location.  This requires a combination of training and awareness programs, technical tools and guides, consulting, and funding of security products and technology. This is always done at no cost to the individuals or shelters/safe houses, allowing them to focus on their core mission.

    Helping them get out...

    Victims of domestic violence deserve a support system to help them make the smart and informed decisions they will need to make before they can escape an abusive situation. Our all-volunteer team of over 30 security experts from law enforcement, academia, government, and the security community are dedicated to helping them accomplish this and empowering them to take that important step. To do this, we provide:

    • Secure communication tools, so they can contact their support system and make arrangements without leaving a trace, even on a shared computer
    • A special web-accessible app that allows them to save important information without raising suspicion or be accessed by the abuser 
    • Tailored guidance, advice, and security information
    • Prepaid cell phones to replace one the abuser may be able to track
    •, a website (in progress) with security guidance and information

    ... and making sure they have a safe place to go

    We also work with the shelters and safe houses in your community, as well as state coalitions, anti-human trafficking organizations, and advocacy groups. All too often, they lack the security training and resources they need to fully protect their clients.

    We provide the “security layer” by developing customized security plans, shipping bulk secure communication tools, giving security training and awareness products, unlimited consultation, and important security upgrades. Our regional network of screened and trained volunteers work directly with their local shelters to coordinate support.


    We don’t discriminate based on gender, race, legal status, sexual orientation, or any other factor. Our only goal is to help victims of domestic violence become survivors of domestic violence, so they can start living the life they deserve.

    Do you need help? You’re not alone. Feel free to contact us at If you work at a shelter or safe house and need assistance, please contact us. 

    What will my donation do?

    Your donation will help fund the 2018 Domestic Violence Security and Safety Conference. This will help preserve operational funds to be used in the following areas:

    • In many cases, people escaping a domestic violence situation are advised to securely wipe and leave their cell phones behind. Otherwise, the abuser may be able to track their location. We provide prepaid “burner” phones to allow them to communicate with their support system and the shelter or safe house
    • Technology and security upgrades for the shelters and safe houses
    • Creating and distributing additional “Tails” bootable thumb drives to allow an individual to securely use a shared computer without leaving a trace that the abuser may find
    • Additional, specialized online security fundamentals courses for shelter and safe house employees
    • Development and publication of wider selection of security and safety awareness products specifically addressing domestic violence
    • Training and resources for regional “ambassadors” coordinating services in their area
    • Outreach and awareness initiatives to help victims of domestic violence safely take that first critical step: reaching out for help