OSPA Statement on:
Community OPSEC

OPSEC in the Community

OPSEC is not a passive discipline.

OSPA believes that it is important to "bring" OPSEC to those that need it most through community involvement, outreach and networking. To achieve this goal, OSPA stays active (and proactive) in certain fields, such as Military/Government security, Community Safety, Personal security, Law enforcement, Schools safety, Corporate security and more.

What follows is a partial list of projects in which OSPA is currently invovled in the Civilian/Community sector:

Deployment OPSEC for K-12 Children

OSPA has created a pilot program designed to teach the Children of deploying Military Service-members safety skills relating to Operations Security (OPSEC). In essence, the program is designed to give Children the resources to properly protect a) the unprecedented amount of National security information to which they have access (deployment dates, locations, missions, etc) and b) the families themselves by limiting the amount of information that may be inadvertently released by the k-12 Children at home or abroad.

OPSEC for domestic violence centers

Domestic violence outreach centers are indispensable resource for the many people affected by domestic violence. OSPA is currently working with several domestic violence centers in order to provide OPSEC resources and education for children, adults and center staff. The goal of this program is to help ensure the safety of residents/clients, as well as the secrecy of the facility.

OPSEC in the international community

OSPA believes that OPSEC is not a "U.S. only" concern, and affects all allies and strategic partners. This is especially true as the world struggles, together, against terrorism. To this end, OSPA has recently begun work with elements of NATO and the United Nations, in order to solidify this global mission. Assisting with this effort is cccure.org, which will help bring (public level) OPSEC training to almost 100,000 members.

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