"(U)pon Secrecy, Success depends in Most Enterprises and for want of it, they are generally defeated." -George Washington, on OPSEC

OSPA Position: OSPEC in the Community

OSPA's Position:

It's been said that "your home is your castle". Essentially, this means that any person or persons should be allowed to feel safe in their home, and by extension, their community.

OSPA firmly beleives that OPSEC is a tool that can be applied at home and in the neighborhood, such as by neighborhood watch groups. OSPA also believes that an understanding of OPSEC within communities will make each on a safer place to live.

OSPA's Proposed Plan:

OSPA has begun, and will continue, to make OPSEC training and information available to individuals and community groups.

If your community, or you personally, practice OPSEC or would like assistance, please feel free to Contact OSPA

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