Benefits of OSPA Membership

Benefits of OSPA Membership

OSPA is proud to count among its members some of the most accomplished and experienced OPSEC professionals in the world. And this is the real strength of the Association; members that are willing to reach out and help each other in their own OPSEC programs.

An analysis of member benefits is available here

OSPA members have access to many exclusive tools and OPSEC resources, including:

  • OPSEC Awareness material
  • The OPSEC Correlation Analysis Tool
  • Member's chat and forums
  • OSPA project tracking
  • Critical Information List (CIL) generator
  • OPSEC plan creation tools
  • Direct access to a stable of Subject Matter Experts
  • Direct access to the OSPA board and committees
  • OPSEC analysis tools
  • On-line and real world events exclusive to OSPA members
  • The OPSEC Game
  • New releases of beta programs and material
  • Access to the OPSEC Support Request Form
  • Discounts on security products at partner sites
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Assessment Tool
  • OPSEC Continuity Book Template

A list of material available to members is available here
When you join OSPA, you will immediately be “plugged in” to this growing international community of OPSEC professionals. You can make a difference.

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