The Art of Public Speaking

Humans’ ability to communicate using formalized systems of language sets us apart from other living creatures on the Earth. Whether these language conventions make us superior to other creatures is debatable, but there is no question that overall, the most successful and most powerful people over the centuries have mastered the ability to communicate effectively. In fact, the skill of speaking is so important that it has been formally taught for thousands of years.

Introduction to Risk Management

Discusses the five-step process for acquiring and analyzing the information necessary to protect assets and allocate security resources.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the steps of the Risk Management process
  • Recall the three analytical activities involved in the Risk Management process

OPSEC Assessments

Discusses OPSEC assessment fundamentals and how to conduct one

Open Source Intelligence

The role that Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) plays in OPSEC

OPSEC and Social Networking

The OPSEC issues and concerns relating to the increasing use of Social Networking.