A Message From Dean David P. Essex

Welcome to the Operations Security Professional’s Association (OSPA) OPSEC Academy web site! Whether you are a prospective student, faculty colleague or friend, I appreciate your interest in our Academy. The Academy staff and I hope that you will find our offerings both exciting and challenging.

As an extension of OSPA, the Academy carries on the original intent of the OSPA founders which was to freely give OPSEC knowledge and assistance to those who proudly volunteered to serve in OPSEC but also to those who were appointed into the OPSEC world while on leave, vacation or TDY/TAD. To accomplish this we are developing courses of study that will afford you the opportunity to certify as an OPSEC Apprentice, Journeyman or Master. How far you go with your OPSEC education is entirely up to you. Enrollment in a Certification program is not a requirement of this Academy. Once all of our training modules are completed you will be free to choose from 57 subject areas and 75 modules of instruction. You are free to focus on one area or many areas depending solely on your needs.

The OSPA Academy is here to support you in your OPSEC education and development and throughout your professional career. The OSPA Academy is a collaborative environment, and those who thrive in OPSEC have learned to work well with others and make time to form professional friendships that provide a lifetime of support.

Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to contact me with comments, suggestions or just to say hello at [email protected].

David P. Essex

Dean, OSPA OPSEC Academy