About Operation: Safe Escape

Operation Safe Escape is an initiative of OSPA, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. And we have one simple goal: to make sure that every victim of domestic violence has the resources, information, and confidence that they need to leave their abusive partner.

We fight against domestic violence in two ways. First is by empowering the individuals impacted by domestic violence, helping them (and their children) turn from victims to survivors. We first help to develop secure communication channels with their support system and local shelters, and then build on that to provide security and safety guidance relevant to their current step in the process. This takes a team of up to 30 security professionals in different disciplines, as well as software and application developers and other specialists.

Next, we make sure that the survivor has a safe place to go. To do this, we work with shelters, safe houses, and advocacy groups in developing security solutions and training staff on counter-surveillance and other security concepts.

In order to accomplish these goals, we:

Recruit and train regional ambassadors to work with domestic violence shelters and advocacy groups in their local area, providing critical training and resources

– Maintain a website (GoAskRose.com) designed to convey relevant security information to victims of domestic violence as they prepare to leave the situation

– Develop security plans for public and hidden domestic violence shelters, and help them tailor it to their unique circumstances

– Create and deliver security training for shelter and safe house employees, law enforcement, and other entities that directly interact with those impacted by domestic violence

– Provide free secure thumb drives, preloaded with the Tails amnesiac operating system, to help those impacted by domestic violence communicate securely with their support system

– Provide an online tool that allows the individual to plan ahead and safe important information for before and after they leave. After completing the plan online, the anonymous form will email the information to the user-specified email address through any provider they may choose

– Provide free security consulting. The same team that developed the security plans remains available to answer any security questions related to domestic violence and extraction efforts. Topics include physical security, computer / cyber security, Operations Security (OPSEC), environmental design, and other important topics

– Issue or coordinate security grants and upgrades for shelters and safe houses that are unable to afford or otherwise obtain the tools they need

In addition to those features, we’re also in the final stages of development for a secure app that allows the user to discreetly plan ahead for their escape. This disguised app provides both security and plausible deniability for the user, while ensuring their data is accessible to them even if their phone is not.