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What is OSPA?

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The Operations Security Professional's Association (OSPA) is a tax exempt Non-profit organization dedicated to improving awareness of Operations Security procedures, as well as building cohesion amongst the OPSEC community. OSPA members work together towards creating and sharing information on a wide range of subjects, such as information security, OPSEC briefings, Security Briefings, OPSEC program management and more.

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Something for Everyone

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OSPA believes that everyone deserves to be given the information that they need to keep them and those around him safe. OSPA further recognizes that OPSEC is an important tool in your goal to protect lives and livelihoods. OSPA makes information, programs and material available for free to all and constantly strives to meet the needs of the growing OPSEC community, which includes military, government, families, communities, corporations and more.

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Joining the Operations Security Professional's Association (OSPA) gives you full access to advanced professional resources, including tools, subject matter experts, prepared briefings and materials, and peer collaboration. Your membership dues are used to advance the field and awareness of OPSEC, organize security training events, develop programs and material, assist underfunded programs, reach out to the community and more.

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What is OPSEC?

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Operations security (OPSEC) is both a formal process and a mindset that identifies critical information and protects it from an adversary. OPSEC is essentially a risk management process, designed to give an organization's leadership or command the information they need to make the decisions that will protect the company, mission or function. OPSEC is an adaptable tool that can be applied to military missions as easily as business operations- in short, OPSEC works for everybody.

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The OPSEC Poster Collection

OPSEC Poster collection, free for non-commercial use. The posters can be downloaded for free and printed in any amount needed. The collection includes original posters, as well classic OPSEC reminders.

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OPSEC Briefings and Training

Free OPSEC briefings, templates and other resources available to all site visitors. This page has many powerpoint briefings that may be used or modified within your organization for OPSEC training or awareness programs.

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The OPSEC Reading Room

The OSPA Reading Room contains OPSEC articles that are member-submitted and reviewed. Articles discuss current topics in OPSEC and complimentary disciplines.

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OPSEC Case Studies

Contains case studies that discuss the demonstrable impacts of OPSEC. Too often, OPSEC is seen as a mere requirement without a return on investment. The case study collection helps to dispell that misconception by showing actual cases where OPSEC played a role.

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